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If you're looking for gourmet ingredients and products, make sure you visit our produce section and browse our wide range of carefully selected products.
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We stock a range of gourmet fine foods and coffee. A selection are shown on these pages. Please drop in to see our latest range.


The Bitton food range is a five star experience that includes creative flavours that extend your culinary imagination. Products in store include Monkey Nut Chutney (Indian heritage), Orange Jelly (serve with French toast, game meats, poultry, ham, fruit salad), Moroccan Spice (use as a marinade, in risotto’s, on sandwiches, in cous cous or vegetarian dishes)
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Customer Reviews

We had breaky here this morning. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon - sooooo delicious!! They have a great menu for breakfast. The french toast looks divine - I'll have that next time thanks. Yummo!!!!